Welcome to a world full of creative energy!

We seem to live in a world of conformity, of “fitting in”, an army of good workers, of not speaking out about how we truly feel and sometimes denial of who we really are – even towards ourselves.

And it seems comfortable, hiding, not stepping out of that comfort zone.

Happiness seems to be a goal nowadays and not a state of mind any more.

In my life I have met, and am still meeting, many women between the age of 30 and 50 years, who believe “That’s it”, some ladies even being scared of turning only 30!

Being a wife, having children, working their job, paying their rent or mortgage. Nothing else to expect from life, nothing big anyways. Does that sound familiar?

Several years ago I chose a different way of thinking. Born in 1976, and even with everything I lived through already, my life has just begun!

Being very compassionate and always looking for ways to improve myself and life for my small family, I decided to go public with some bits and pieces of my life’s story, to inspire you to get up and do what you really want to and not what others expect of you. I am not only passionate about creativity, but also about happiness (which IS a state of mind!), about the right mindset, about independence and freedom, and especially about creating our lifes the way we would like to live them!

The best thing about life is: you never stop learning and it is impossible to get bored!

If you like I will take you with me on a journey (and probably funny moments) within the world of creativity, travelling and food. I will encourage you to put on the “creative hat”, you will be able to re-define yourself and discover how powerful you really are by creating a world around yourself, made by YOU.

If you would like to accompany me please like my Facebook page (Creative Catriz). Join me on the colourful and exciting journey of creativity “on the go” (as I keep creating even though we live a nomad life style), self-discovery, gratefulness and empowerment (oh, and did I mention food?).

Lots of love,

Your Catriz

P.S.: I will bare my soul to you lovely lot out there and hope to send out positive energy to everyone who is open minded and willing to receive it. Welcome to my life! 🙂