“A Child”

Last Monday we had the naming ceremony for our daughter Ariana Faye, she is five years of age.

As with many things in our lives we wanted to create the day as we liked. From writing the ceremony to having a lovely picnic with her fairy god parents and close family members, it was all just “us”, and in a very loving and caring atmosphere too! The fairy god parents also contributed with touching promises (they actually made me cry!) and beautiful readings, that will be cherished forever.

For the first reading I was looking for a poem, something about what a child means to us and how we changed (and still change), simply by being her parents. Well, I couldn’t find anything that felt just right, so I decided to write my own.

I am not a writer by all means, or a poet, far from it. But I thought IF there is someone able to describe how I feel, it would be me.
And I decided to share my free verse (as it didn’t turn out to be a rhyming poem) with you lovely lot, maybe to inspire you to take matters into your own hands and feel empowered by doing so.

We create our whole life, and all that comes with it, by ourselves. That is the power we hold. And we can all start by doing something small, like writing a little poem (or free verse) for a special occasion, even if it is not perfect or professional. 🙂


“A Child”


A child is

Like a rainbow on

A rainy day and

Like a little colourful flower amidst

A field


Otherwise by

Green grass only.


Not really necessary nor

Needed in one’s life but

Craved for

By many



Her smile is magical,

Melting every heart.


Her laughter is contagious,

Hushing every sad thought.


Her cuddles with the

Effect of human battery chargers are

Never ending

Sources of



Remember how it felt like

When a little one (maybe your own?),

With all her might,

Embraced you after

A hard day at work?


The earth is so much brighter and more colourful

Just because of her



She gives us every reason to

Play again!


She challenges us to

Become better



Encourages us,


To create a life

For her

That is



Filled with laughter


And a life

Abundant in unconditional love.



We strive to

Be role models

For her,


She can look up to,


If one day

Someone should say

“You are your Mum’s and Dad’s daughter”,

Even in anger,

Her face would lit up and


These words

Would fill her






Unconditional Love

Towards us,

Her Parents.


If we achieved that

We’d know

We have done right by her


That we indeed


From one of the greatest teachers

On Earth:


Our child.


– Catriz Earthshine –


One of the most beautiful days in our lives and I’ll be ever so grateful for this little soul to have chosen us as her parents.


With never ending love,


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