An Artist’s Date…

Yesterday was that one day I take off each year, during which I don’t make any compromises. I go with myself on an “artist’s date” and do only what I like. I talk to strangers I find interesting and make contact with like minded people. I learn new crafts and satisfy my curious nature to the fullest extent.

This year I have met beautiful souls who created amazing businesses out of their love “to make”.
Yesterday I spent the whole day in London at the “Knitting & Stitching Show” at Alexandra Palace and what a wonderful day it was!

My two absolute favourites first:

I was on my way out when I saw that young lady, wearing a beautiful vintage tea dress (my favourite topic right now) who sells hand made drop spindles and supplies you with the material to get you started, even WITH GLITTER in it!!! And the best: she is selling VEGAN options! Of course I ordered a set and can’t wait to get it delivered and try it out.
So if you like to try some spinning and then use your very own product to crochet/knit/weave some amazing products, but don’t want to take part in the exploitation of animals, Louise (herself a Vegetarian) is the person to turn to! She doesn’t know it yet, but soon she is going to be invited to one of our craft nights here in Ipswich to teach us some mean spinning skills and maybe to sell one or two of her spindles… 🙂
You find her here (look at those spindles!!!):
Obviously Louise has much much more to offer, you’ll see… 🙂

And another beautiful lady, Maureen, who creates all these lovely dolls, one of them having some features of me (red (kind of wild) hair and glasses) which made our day as we had a lot of fun together… (Say hi to “Little Catriz” as Maureen promised to name her after me!) She not only sews the dolls but also creates and makes the dresses. These kits can be bought for under GBP 30 if you wanted to make your own and you can even order a set with the right hair and eye colour!

I met a couple who has a passion for English Paper Piecing (EEP) and developed a quick and easy method for doing EEP without the need of having to remove all the paper pieces once they are sewn together (which really puts me off that craft, but there is help around the corner!). After only 18 months their business is sky rocketing! The sturdyness of the finished project has a beautiful feel to it and if you are doing EEP you will absolutely love their products! Unfortunately I don’t know their names as we haven’t introduced us to each other, but here is their website:

Then I stumbled across a family who sold multi-pompom-makers. All invented by a lady, Sue Walton, who takes pom pom making to the next level. If you like pom-pom-land you will LOVE their ideas and their pom pom maker!

And last but not least another beautiful lady, Debbie Harding, who was “doodling” for as far as she can remember and runs a business creating stitched doodle designs using a simple back stitch, a craft anyone could try as it is really simple and her designs are so much fun (Gosh, have a look at the chess boards! You can roll them up and take them anywhere without them taking up much space and they look very decorative too)! She has a wonderful husband who decided to join her rather than to change her (I got that information from their website) which makes him an amazing person and they run the family business together. Check out their website as they offer much more than what I described:

These were my top 5 of the Knitting & Stitching show and I intend to keep in touch with some of them as I would really like to see where their journey is taking them.

Oh, and I learned how to make lacy knickers at a short workshop… nice skill for life added! 🙂

So, if you are on your way to the Knitting & Stitching Show tomorrow or on Sunday, please send them my regards. They are amazing people with great ideas which make our lifes even more interesting!

Happy creating!

Your Catriz

P.S.: Can you believe there are still people out there who get bored…??

Knitting and Stitching Show Visit October 2016

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