Free Stitching Along – National Stitching Day August 2016

Several days ago I had the idea of offering free stitching lessons to people. Just like that. The idea was to sit myself somewhere with the necessary equipment and a sign saying “Free Introdution to Stitching”, or something similar. Obviously I liked my idea. However, I thought I might not be brave enough to actually do it…. I mean, worst case scenario would be me sitting by myself, getting lonely, because nobody might want to talk to me.

Was I ready to face loneliness? Definitely not! lol

That didn’t mean I wanted to let go of the idea, which I still liked.

Then I remembered that, just recently, I joined the Embroiderer’s Guild UK (I was not alone! YAY!!) and the second I remembered I posted on the East Suffolk Branch Facebook page, telling the ladies about my idea and asking them for their reaction/ideas/suggestions.

The reactions were positive, one lady mentioning that 6th of August is the National Stitch Day and the opportunity presented itself to do it on that day. That was MUCH quicker than I initially thought! Just 2 days!

But hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? (Stepping out of the comfort zone is exactly that: stepping out of the comfort zone… And in 2016 I am making a conscious effort to stand up to challenge myself and my fears at any given opportunity!)

On such a short notice two ladies, Lin and Annette, agreed spontaneously to join in and we arranged to meet Saturday afternoon in Christchurch Park in Ipswich.

On my way to our small meeting I asked myself: What did I actually expect of such an event? The answer came pretty quick. If we had an afternoon with some stitching done, some nice chatting, hopefully exchanging ideas and also getting inspired for new projects, then it would be a 100% success. If anyone else would actually approach us and talk to us then I’d take it as a sign to continue realising crazy ideas like that. 🙂


It was better than that. 🙂

We had a lovely afternoon! All three of us came well prepared, bringing some pieces of fabric, threads (and books to look into) in case someone would be interested and would like to try.  Lin even baked a cake and brought it along! Could it be better? 😀

And we did it all. We stitched, chatted happily along, nibbled, drank tea and I even got some advice for another project I have to start soon. (I might add that this advice might turn out to be the most invaluable advice for the upcoming work, as now that I got it I can easily see how it might have taken much more time without the advice given… lol… I admit, this sounds very mysterious, but I can not say anything else at this stage as the project is top secret. I might write about it later on and also let you know the advice I got today… once it’s finished and given as a present in September. My point being: Even the smallest of meetings can influence your work BIG time!)

On top of that: there were a couple of people talking to us and telling us they loved the idea of stitching in the park. Unfortunately they weren’t prepared to stitch along as they didn’t have time to stay.

Did you read that properly?

They LOVED the idea of stitching sessions in the park. 😀 😀 😀

Now THAT was the sign! lol And: “Stitching In The Park” shouts for a repetition! And maybe we will announce it somewhere beforehand so the public will know about it and bring some time along.

Would you like to have a go? Let me know and I will arrange another “Stitching In The Park” with some lovely ladies of the East Suffolk Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild UK.

May the creative energy be with you. 🙂

Lots of love,

Your Creative Catriz

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