“Some Day”


A lot of us have a list of things we would like to do some day – some of us even made some effort in writing them down.

The only problem with that moment, “some day”, is: it might never come.

So I wondered: How long is it acceptable to wait with doing things we want to do some day? This tiny spark of a crazy idea that pops up every now and then and simply won’t leave our head (or heart)?

Because, if spoken honestly (and why speak at all if not honestly?), even if we could do things today we don’t, because in the mean-time we got very comfortable not doing what we actually wanted to do years ago.

How do I propose to get out of that zone that is rather hindering than helpful?

First of all, get rid of your TV (or turn it off at least). That saves a LOT of time. I have seen and experienced this myself: most of the time the TV is running without people watching, or worse, it is running even when guests are present. So there is music, constantly, or voices talking, and advertisements running, all the time. There is no silence, no opportunity to hear your own thoughts. TV is turned on constantly, the same is true for radio. If you want to live in a mindful way a running TV is rather disturbing.

Imagine this: you are sitting in your usual comfy spot during the evening, and, instead of turning the TV on to be entertained (with actually not important stuff) you leave it off. How does that make you feel?

You might decide it is quiet at home, very quiet, at least at first. Then you might actually realise it’s getting rather loud as you hear your inner voice talking to you, desperate, because it hasn’t been heard for a long time or has been ignored – as listening to the inner voice can be scary too.

Just 4 weeks ago a cab driver told me that he doesn’t want to hear his inner voice because it would tell him to leave the job and he doesn’t want to do that, as earning money this way is comfortable for him, even if he doesn’t like it. By not listening to his thoughts he doesn’t give himself a chance to discover another way of earning money, maybe a way he would like and even have fun with. This might be uncomfortable as it would be new, maybe involve a risk of appearing unconventional… so yes, it might be scary, but there might be a reason why your inner voice wants to speaks up in the first place.

And then you might also experience being bored. I mean the only action you had to take in order to be entertained was surfing through the channels and see what is up that evening. If you do not have a TV you will have to start thinking about how to entertain yourself, you need to get active. And that does definitely mean getting out of your comfort zone. Having a TV is so much easier, a no-brainer really. But then: is life about choosing the easier way or about getting out of behaving comfortable and living your dreams?

Another behaviour I adopted: whenever I feel uncomfortable about doing something, I challenge myself by putting myself up to do exactly that. I am not talking about crazy bungee jumping or skydiving, there is nothing that could convince me to do that! Doing something that goes against my survival instincts for a short adrenaline kick is not what I am talking about. It is more about things that I would have liked done when I was younger, like learning to play the guitar for instance. I ask myself: Who do I want to be? What kind of person would I like to see in the mirror? One of my dreams is living close to nature in an off grid hobbit building, with a little building next to it that might be my studio for all sorts of creative activities. Or travelling for some months. And why not?

So, back to “some day”.

  • Get out of the comfort zone.
  • Turn off the noise, let your inner voice be heard.
  • Challenge yourself!

This way some day has a chance to come quicker and your dreams might be fulfilled rather sooner than later. I am going to do exactly that! 🙂

Lots of love,

Your Catriz



The picture above the post is  one I took on my latest travel to Koh Samui, to remind me of my dream. A bit of a blue sky, palm trees and flowers. 🙂



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