The Dreaming Cat – A Daring Project ;)

In October last year I started a project just for myself. Not because it was someone’s birthday or an event coming up, but just for myself.
Very unlike me it is not a practical “something” I am working on, so basically it won’t even have a use, apart from hanging around somewhere… once it’s finished.

I can not remember having done anything as daring as this ever before! lol

And I have to admit that I rather enjoy myself, stitching along for hours and hours, if my little one lets me that is (usually she doesn’t and I have to postpone this pleasure until evening comes and she is asleep, with help of very bright light I am able to see well – oh the beauty of civilisation!).

It won’t be finished for some time as there are lots and lots of stitches involved. And like with all creative progress the journey is the destination, my very personal way of meditation.

Nearly all of my projects start on a white piece of paper. 


After an hour of scribbling about it took shape.


At that point I posted a picture of the raw design on Facebook on my “Creative Catriz” page. My brother saw it and suggested mushrooms, which I promptly added, they are making the picture so much better!

After that I thought about a colour concept, which I wrote down on an additional piece of paper with the help of a light pad (did I mention I love the advantages of civilisation?).


Here I started transferring the design onto a bigger piece of water colour paper. My husband grabbed that chance and the camera and shot away (me totally engulfed in my little creative world). 


Everyone who knows me a little knows I absolutely and utterly adore Inktense Pencils. You scribble on paper with them as you would with normal coloured pencils and when you add water to the colour on the paper (or fabric!) the amazing and vibrant colours pop up. (Be careful though, they are ink pencils, not water colour, the ink does not wash out!)


A little bit more detail. (Oh, I love those mushrooms.)


Now the stitching can begin! 🙂

The Dreaming Cat – Part 2 will follow soon.


I would like to add the source of my initial inspiration for this project. It was a meeting I had with the lovely members of the East Suffolk Embroiderer’s Guild. The subject of that specific meeting was crewel embroidery and I am fascinated by this beautiful art since years. I will not work with wool though and am using cotton threads instead, which won’t give my work the typical crewel embroidery look. As always I am adding my own “magic” (and changes to design and colours) as I go along. lol


Happy Creating!


Lots of love,

Your Cat



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