“The Heart Of Gold”

Last week we celebrated my friend Lisa’s birthday and, as always when one of my close friend’s birthday approaches, I was thinking about a nice present. This one had to be special and meaningful…

So, this is what sprung into my mind and I would like to share with you what thoughts I had when creating this small gift.

I named it “The Heart Of Gold” symbolising my dear friend Lisa and her impact on her surroundings. 🙂

Lisa is represented by the goddess symbol as I believe divine energy is inside every being on earth.
She is letting her magic flow and spreading love and her sparkle everywhere.
The perception of Lisa’s own self is not always a good one (sadly), which I acknowledged and represented by the black edge around her heart, truly though she has a heart of gold and it shines through, symbolised by the golden sparkle wherever her magic touches, this symbolised by the golden thread in tiny stitches.

Colour code
Red: for a vibrant and powerful personality full of love
Blue and Purple: trust in general (trustworthy person) and the connection to the spiritual world (Lisa’s life is full of spirituality)
Gold: usually symbolising male power I decided instead to use this colour as a symbol for the infinite sparkle and love Lisa is spreading everywhere. Lisa’s sparkle is a very powerful one and I felt she needs to be reminded of that.
Black: this was a good contrast to the other colours and in this little piece also represents the limitations we set ourselves and are caught in. We do good in being reminded about the power of our belief (in our own abilities and our own powerful Self) and through this being able to achieve whatever we set our mind to.

The ornamental spirals I used whenever I was being creative, for as long as I can remember, starting at a very early age. They are a part of my creative expressions like no other squiggles and I felt they were perfect to represent spreading love and magic and also to put my own very personal touch to a symbol used earth-wide by the pagan community.

I chose the symbol of the triple goddess as the frame in recognition of Lisa’s own pagan spirituality, and to personalise my work for her. Also, the 2 letters are from the wiccan alphabet and represent the initials of Lisa’s name, so I could personalise the little gift even further.

The stitched work is done in split stitch, hem stitch and seed stitches, an exception being the golden heart which has been done in long and short stitch (tiny ones), all made by hand.
My own initials are worked in as well, in recognition of my craft, a little hidden and not too obvious. 😉

The fabric is real polish linen, which is a natural fabric and has a lovely “earthy” feel, just about right and the perfect base.

Lisa, the world would be a really sad and boring place without you! We love you!
Happy Birthday!! :*



First of all I had to decide for a layout and once finished with experimenting (trial and error) transferred the final design on a piece of simple white paper:
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Drawing


Instead of transferring the design onto the linen the traditional way I decided for the lazy solution by copying the design on “printable sticky fabric solvy” – my first trial ever to work with this beautiful invention (that I ordered from the USA as it seems unavailable in the UK):
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess on Sticky Fabric Solvy


Then I prepared the linen. If you have worked with linen before you might have realised it will fray terribly at the edges. So I used a simple feather stitch (only to one side obviously) in order to secure the edges of the fabric piece:
Catriz Earthshine Preparing Linen for Embroidery


Then the exciting moment of the first stitches. I used a split stitch throughout the whole design:
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess First Stitches


Using the next set of embroidery thread is always a really exciting moment as well! A new colour! YAY! lol
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Changing Colours


This is how the stitching looked when it was done (in the long text above you will find an explanation about all the stitches I used):
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Finished Stitching


The next step was to remove the “sticky fabric solvy”. That process is very simple: it dissolves into nothing when coming into contact with water, leaving only the stitching on the fabric (I ironed the fabric dry so I could continue quicker and to have a smooth fabric to continue working with). That’s what makes this medium great to work with!
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Sticky Fabric Solvy Removed


I never chose the complete set of fabrics before I start a project and rather find the matching pieces when progressing with my work. Here I decided for a beautiful floral print that I actually got from our landlady (an amazing strong woman with a big loving heart as well! Hi Doris!! 🙂 ) some time ago. It matched the colours of the embroidery thread perfectly and was an interesting contrast to the stitching too.
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Choosing Fabric for Inlay


Lisa is constantly “on tour”, camping here, caravanning there, spending her time with her family in lots of different places. So I thought I must make something she can use. In the very beginning I decided to make her a little cosmetic bag to put all her essentials in.
After the stitching is done sewing the pieces of fabric into the right shape was the next logical step. Here you can see the two sewn pieces.
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Preparing Fabric for Sewing
The light of the picture is not really good as I have done that late at night, I couldn’t wait until the next day to see my finished little project so just kept working on it!


Then I inserted the zipper (I always found it useful to have zippers of different lengths and colours in my stash, that way I don’t have to stop working when I am just in the middle of it). The last bit of attaching the zipper I had to do by hand as my sewing machine couldn’t reach the left end properly (which I did the next morning):
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Finished Cosmetic Bag Zipper Inside


And this is how the finished project looks like:
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Finished Cosmetic Bag

The dimensions are 18cm x 13cm.
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Finished Cosmetic Bag2

A closer look:
Catriz Earthshine Tripple Goddess Featured Picture

I love this little neat cosmetic bag and am considering making one for myself. Only… there are always events coming up that ask for a special present! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this little “making of” and get in the mood to try something like that yourself!

Happy creating!

Lots of love,

Your Catriz

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