When children teach you something…


That moment when you catch yourself saying something and then think „Hang on…?“.


It is in my nature to stick to my word though and that is what I did. So here is the story…



It was one of these moments when I caught myself saying “I should teach them to sing a song in German” … obviously without thinking about it beforehand.

That was weeks ago.

I was in school.

Last week it caught up on me – in my thoughts – I still had to fulfil my announcement. So I arranged everything with my daughter’s teacher: I would teach the little ones a song in the language one of their fellow classmates spoke so frequently.


What thoughts showed up in my mind, unexpectedly by the way, when the event came closer?

Obviously the first one was: I am not a teacher and am not qualified to teach other children.

Another one: I can’t sing in front of strangers, as little as they might be, as I am not a professional musician.

And finally: They can’t even speak a single German word, how will they cope with a whole song?


When I brought Ariana to school today, the whole class went over to the room with the piano and I started the short lesson I carefully prepared by translating the song into English (even with a little rhyme and still sticking to it’s meaning) and also thinking about how I would teach them the few words they needed in order to sing the song.


How did it go?


The children (all 10 of them being between 4 and 6 years old – my little one included) and 2,5 teachers sang happily along and every single one of them exceeded my expectations!


Within 45 minutes they were not only able to read and understand the text and meaning, but also to sing along to the melody (they have never heard before).

Now you might argue that I chose a simple song, which is true, I did.


That doesn’t change the fact that little beings, who have been in this life for barely more than 4-6 years did something that adults shy away from!


And why is that?

The answer is simple: Children just do. They don’t have the “I am scared to do it”-behaviour that we fight for (against ourselves most of the time) so we can keep it.


None of them complained about not being able to speak German or saying they couldn’t sing a song in a foreign language, quite the opposite actually. They were really curious about it. And the teachers went along too!


It was a short, sweet and successful experience. For everyone involved.


As for myself, the thoughts trying to sneak into my optimistic brain, trying to keep me from challenging myself and growing by accepting that challenge, trying to keep myself within that comfort zone, popped up in my head despite me being well aware of fear based thoughts.


I dealt with them.


My confidence was stronger. Confidence based on experience, not spectacular extraordinaire experience, just steady family life, ordinary, experience.


Yes, I am not a teacher. I am only a mummy who teaches her own daughter many new things on a daily basis.

True, I am not a professional musician. But: I am a mummy who sings with her own daughter every single day, and we sing a lot of songs, every day, every single day… hahahahaah (I guess a lot of mums can relate to this one…)

True, none of the children spoke one word of German before. BUT: we are a mummy and daddy team who teaches their own daughter 3 languages on a daily basis. Maybe not perfect, there is always room for improvement. I surely could teach a group of same aged children some words? 🙂

So I took the same approach like we do at home: Show the whole construct first, then teach them word for word, teach the melody and then put it together. Step by step.

And it worked! 🙂


How is this experience related to creativity?

What do you think?




Lots of love,


Your Catriz


P.S.: I am in no way belittling what good teachers achieve when they raise and educate other’s people children. I am writing this to show that amazing experiences can be gained by trusting in one’s own confidence and pushing fear of new territory aside. I never thought I would teach a group of little children a song in a for them foreign language… and here I am, having done just that! 🙂

It feels great!!! 🙂

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