“Yes, do it!”

Every year I would visit my Granny to spend at least 2 weeks with her. I just remembered one little event when I was visiting several years ago.

My Granny and I were driving in my car, she sat in the passenger’s seat. The weather was really beautiful, sunny and hot. Then all of a sudden, a rain shower came over us and went away as quickly. The sun was there again and out came a beautiful rainbow.

Since I can remember I was fascinated by rainbows and for some reason I always took a rainbow as a good sign.

When I saw this amazing rainbow, in all its colourful and shining glory, I was thinking out loud when I said “I should stop and take a picture.”. The voice next to me (my Granny’s voice obviously) said: “If you want to do it, then do it.”

I looked at her, surprised, and asked “Really?”, somehow needing another approval to do so (being a grown up woman!). She said: “Yes, do it!” In the middle of nowhere I stopped the car, got out and took a picture of this beautiful appearance, really happy with having been able to get out for a moment, take a deep breath and having a proper look at one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. I still remember the fresh air – that peculiar smell air has after a proper rain shower on a hot summer’s day…

The picture I took with my phone on that day, of course, wasn’t very good. But the lesson I received from my Granny was, and still is, invaluable to me.

So, whenever curiosity taps on my shoulder and asks me to explore something I hear that powerful “Yes, do it!”. And guess what?

I do it!

Why is this story important in regards to creativity?

Naturally, we all are curious beings. Naturally, we are also cautious beings, which is fine. We shouldn’t do things that harm us in any way. When caution becomes too strong though and turns into fear (and I am talking about groundless fear) it “overrules” our curiosity and we refrain from exploring and trying new things, we refrain from being creative.

“What would others say?”

“What would others think?”

“What if the result isn’t good?”

“What if I fail?”

These are all questions based on fear. And we should not listen to these.


Creativity is not about being good, about doing everything right or about applause from other people.


Creativity is about exploring.

Creativity is about broadening your horizon.

Creativity is about so much more for every single creative person and a very subjective experience to each one of us.


Essentially creativity is about YOU. Do what you feel like doing.


So, take this from a very wise old lady: “If you want to do it, then do it!”

Let curiosity take over and see where that little journey leads you.


Lots of love,

Your Catriz


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